KupolDev - Mobile app development

Together we are stronger.

Our competencies

Kupol development’s mobile app development team consists of a team of mobile technology experts who can turn your ideas into a mobile app. The Kupol development team has more than 20 professional developers and managers with over 3 years of experience in this field.

The department has experience in projects in areas such as electronic commerce, enterprise management system, LBS services, IP-telephony. We have successfully developed more than 50 customized mobile applications for various industries, which have helped our customers significantly reduce costs, increase productivity and enter new markets.


Art Of Coding

Our code is always clean and backed by documentation.


The design department is always following the latest trends in the design world and is ready to use new solutions for you.

A look into the future

We look to the future of mobile development and are ready for the toughest challenges

Useful Documentation

Together with the product, we create specialized documentation for the customer. It allows you to use the product without question.

Fast Delivery

Our team works on a Scrum development system. In this regard, we are ready to deliver results quickly and on time.


We are ready to consider a project of any complexity and find an approach to any client.

Result Delivery

The development phase begins with the design and creation of technical documentation consisting of Technical Design Document (TDD), Project Plan and Test Plan. Also, the Kupol development team is preparing a prototype product for approval by the customer, which allows the customer to familiarize themselves with the future system and give their feedback at an early stage of development. After the development of system components in accordance with the plan, the project team integrates the completed components, conducts development testing and creates instructions for use.

Mobile application development

We are developing android\iOS mobile applications

  • Quickly
  • Qualitatively
  • Available

Development of web applications optimized for mobile phones

Development of custom solutions and their optimization for a mobile environment

  • Any complexity of web projects
  • Flexible development
  • There are ready-made frameworks

Mobile app testing

Ready to set up a testers department to test your decisions and conduct an audit.

  • Great experience
  • Wide knowledge
  • More than 100 successful tests

Customer Reviews

For good people do not mind the time to recall. We have been working with you for 1.5 years, and I am very pleased with the result. They promised a great application, kept their word - the result was issued quickly and in parts. It's nice that there is an individual hike. The application is working, informative, users are delayed for a long time. I look forward to continuing to work in the same direction and to achieve even greater results together.

Alex Petuhov

I have long understood that you need to enter the mobile application market. I did not understand just where to turn. And when a decision was made in my head, our paths crossed. To say that I am pleased with the cooperation with you is to say nothing. When I saw my site - I was impressed. But the best part was ahead of me when the application appeared in the market. The application turned out not only beautiful, but, as promised holding users. Thanks

Jason Сander